The rock and blues band “Sha-Sha” and the consulting agency NDG Communications are launching a joint cooperation and communications strategy

sha-shaSofia, November 30, 2016– The band “Sha-Sha” will work on the implementation of a communications strategy in collaboration with the consulting agency NDG Communications.

The cooperation started in late October and now the band and the agency are working on finalizing the plans for 2017. It will include communications consulting, development and dissemination of information to the media and blogs, arranging interviews and other performances of Gergana Dobreva and Svetoslav Kolev -Tsvuri.

Gergana Dobreva commented: “With NDG Communications’ help our messages will reach more people. For us it is important to maintain contact and to get feedback not only from our regular listeners, but also from the wider tempted by rock and roll and blues. ”

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Manpower: Bulgarian employers continue to report favorable hiring intentions for the last quarter of 2016 with an Outlook of +11%


  • While 15% of Bulgarian employers expect to increase staffing levels, 9% anticipate a decrease and 74% forecast no change.
  • Once seasonal adjustments are applied to the data, the Net Employment Outlook stands at +11%.
  • The strongest hiring prospects are reported in three regions with Net Employment Outlooks of +12% − Plovdiv, Rousse and Sofia.
  • Employers in the Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry & Fishing sector report the most optimistic hiring plans with a Net Employment Outlook of +16%. Continue reading

Latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Shows: Bulgarian Employers continue to report upbeathiring intentions for the first quarter of 2016


  • Employment Outlook stands at +10%, according to the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey for the firstquarter of 2016. The Outlook stands at the same percent as the third and fourth quarter of 2015 and with no changecompared to the same period of 2015.
  • Employers from all five regions – Burgas, Plovdiv, Rousse, Sofia and Varna – who took part in the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey report positive first-quarter hiring intentions.
  • The strongest labor market is anticipated in Rousse where employers report a Net Employment Outlook of +16%. Plovdiv employers anticipate steady job gains with an Outlook of +15% while the Outlook for Varna stands at +13%. Continue reading

Bulgarian Employers’Hiring Plans Remain Cautiously Optimisticfor the Third Quarter of 2015


  • 21% of Bulgarian employers plan to increase their staff in the third quarter of 2015 and only 5% intend to reduce staff. Once the results are seasonally adjusted, Bulgaria’s Employment Outlook stands at +10%, according to the ManpowerEmployment Outlook Survey for the third quarter of 2015. Employers from nine of ten sectors plan to add new staff to their workforce.
  • The latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey for the third quarter of 2015 improves slightly when compared to both the second quarter of 2015 and year-over-year.
  • The most optimistic sector Outlookis reported by employers from Manufacturing and Finance, Insurance, Real Estate & Business Services sectors with +18% and +16%, respectively. Continue reading