“Sha-Sha” Albums Are Now Available for Listening and Buying Online


Sofia, November 11, 2016 – If music is in your blood, if rock and blues are your music, the place that you might find pleasant to visit is http://sha-sha.bandcamp.com/!

The band “Sha-Sha” has launched a new place in the WWW, with colorful yet stylish design that offers opportunities to listen to all of the issued recordings of the band and buy them online for a minimal amount – whether you buy a whole album, or a separate track. The announced minimum priceis €8 per album, or €1 per song. Those who wish to support the group, however, have the option to pay more. There is the option album or song to be sent as a gift to a friend by entering the email address of the sender and the recepient.

Established in 2009 as a duet by Gergana Dobreva and Svetoslav Kolev–Tsvuri, “Sha-Sha” is a band of two guitars and a voice which is best so undinglive. The style of the group can best be described as “rock and roll cabaret”: combines blues, funk, rock and jazz, served with a pinch of underground and a lot of emotion.

The group has released three albums: “Wind and Fog” – January 1, 2014, “Last Station Babylon” – January 1, 2012, and “Up – Down” – July 1, 2010.

They are active participants in the rock and blues society of Bulgaria and are performing in many clubs and festivals in Sofia and the country.

If you want to immerse yourself in a real volcano of emotions and unique music and lyrics, visit http://sha-sha.bandcamp.com/ or alive performance of “Sha-Sha”! Your good mood is guaranteed 100 percent!

For additional information or to organize an interview or participation:

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