We begin with the Strategy based on your business activities and goals. Together we develop the most effective ways to use communications tools to achieving your objectives. This includes identification of the key messages which are central to your business activities. We create the angles that will maximize the Strategy and then we establish a platform for dialogue with your stakeholders.

You will know exactly what to expect from us on a day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month basis. We do not offer ready-made programs, that is, the communications solutions we deploy for your business will be in full accordance with reaching your long- and short-term business goals.

Activity Description You NDG
Getting to know client’s business goals
  • Preliminary research of the business environment the client is operating in
  • Guidelines by the client about its business goals and the communications activities held up to date
Development of a communications strategy
  • Analysis of business goals and environment
  • Proposal of a communications strategy
  • Definition of key audiences
  • Definition of communications goals
  • Elaboration of key messages
  • Definition of communications channels
Planning and implementation
  • Development of a communications plan
  • Proposals for: activities, venues, participants, topics, budget, timeline, etc..
  • Detailed planning and implementation
Analysis of results
  • Reporting and analysis of the results generated by communications