Our main goal is to be your partner in the efficient communication with all your target audiences, namely stakeholders, communities, employees, and media. We are not afraid to go the extra mile! We do whatever it takes to get your ideas in the spotlight! Having us on board will not give you a bunch of executors and yes-people! On the contrary, we could be your worst critics and your best admirers – at the same time! We will teach you and preach to you! We will listen to you and learn from you! What is important is that in the end of the day, you will be better positioned in terms of reputation and you will know exactly what, how and why to do in case of a potential crisis. And of course, how to prevent it from happening, in the first place!

Corporate Reputation Management

Be it a corporate body, company, organization, institution, non-governmental organization, governmental body, all of them need to have a respectable image and reputation. In today’s day and age of increasing competition, easy access to information, reputation management has gained even more importance. Thus, some of the key responsibilities of corporate communication are to sculpture the profile of the “company behind the brand” (corporate branding), to develop initiatives that minimize discrepancies between the company’s desired identity and brand features, and to mobilize internal and external support behind corporate objectives.

NDG3Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is the principle that companies should contribute to the welfare of society and not be solely devoted to maximizing profits. Socially responsible companies can act in a number of ways to benefit society and this is where NDG ideas come into play.

Media Relations

Media relations is not just collecting journalists’ names and titles and calling them one by one to follow up if they’ve received a press release or if they are to attend an event. Cooperation with the media presents unique challenges, and sustainable relationships between an organization and the news media is vital. One way to ensure a positive working relationship with the media is to be deeply familiar, as NDG are, with their “beats” and areas of interests.

Social and Digital Media

In today’s communications environment, strategies that rely exclusively on traditional media will not always succeed. NDG offers online programs that advance thought leadership, build reputations, change minds, and bulletproof brands.

Internal Communications

No matter if we live in a time of economic flourishing or turbulence, the way managers communicate with company’s employees has always been a crucial factor for business success since bottom line is how efficient and how motivated employees are. Developing effective internal communications programs will surely bring you a step forward to achieving business objectives and pride yourself in being an employer of choice.