Any organization – business, NGO, political, art … needs to communicate! Similarly, as it needs accountant, or lawyer, or a sales person for its goods or services offered.

Whether communications is held thanks to  internal resources, by hiring an external consultant and / or executor of these activities, they are a mandatory part of the operations of any company or organization. And if any organization decides to save on the associated costs, then it usually pays for this with an interest!

Many people in Bulgaria and around the world understand PR. In the same way as they understand politics, football and many other topics! Therefore, companies often prefer to take care of their reputation themselves, and sometimes they manage quite successfully. Of course, those who prefer to turn to a specialist to receive professional counseling are increasing.

Many people ask – what actually a PR pro does – reads newspapers, goes to parties, gets their photo on a magazine cover? Perhaps! Yes, our day begins with monitoring the key media and social networks. Yes, sometimes we attend parties, often even organize them. We have not been pictured on magazine covers yet, because we have other priorities for the time being – namely, our clients to be on the cover of the magazines and / or in the prime time TV!

Good reputation is a guarantee not only of good earnings today, but even more importantly, it is an insurance in case of adverse developments in the future!

To be successful, the cooperation between a company and its PR agency needs several things:

• A similar vision about life and business, or in other words –  similar principles in conducting business activities.

• Pre-set clear and precise framework, objectives and methods of creation of the strategy, tactics and reporting of results.

• Clear and accurate allocation of rights, obligations and responsibilities of each member of the teams of both parties.